CFP2000 Workshop on Freedom and Privacy by Design

This is the home page for the CFP2000 Workshop on Freedom and Privacy by Design, an experimental workshop run on April 4, 2000 at the conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in Toronto, Canada.

The workshop had an unusual structure for CFP, in that it was quite unlike a plenary. There were very few presentations per se, no biographical information (since people could look it up in their proceedings), and the room was explicitly divided into 36 participants (all of whom had access to the planning process) and up to 100 audience members (who received handouts detailing the suggested projects and other details when they arrived). This was done (a) to save time, and (b) to allow containing the majority of discussion to people who had had time to prepare and to organize their thoughts in advance. Thus, the audience was distinctly unequal to the participants. Nonetheless, the audience was given quite a bit of time in the discussion and many audience members contributed invaluable suggestions.

These pages are a subset of the information used by participants in the workshop, who had access to the suggested list of projects, details of the structure and scheduling of the workshop, and an internal mailing list for several weeks before the workshop ran.

These pages are also a superset of that information, because they contain notes from participants, and a paper describing how the workshop went. They will also (soon) describe an external mailing list that others to which others may add themselves, and other resources. Check back; this description will be updated when that additional structure is in place.

Lenny Foner
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