Example CFP2000 Workshop Submission

Submission #3 (Doe, Jane: jane@doe.com)

Submission type: Workshop
Phone number: 1-123-123-4567
Affiliation: Anonymous R Us
Title of proposed workshop: Adding Anonymity to the College Curriculum
Proposed time for workshop: 1 1/2 hours
Lunch time (or not): don't care
Proposed format for workshop: two speakers and active audience participation
Related URL: http://www.janedoe.com

Brief description of content:

This workshop is for college educators and students who are interested in developing courses on anonymity or adding units on anonymity to existing college courses.

About the presenters:

Jane Doe
Jane Doe was a practicing lawyer for 10 years before she decided
to live her life completely anonymously. She has been practicing
anonymous living for 5 years and recently published the best-selling
book "Living Anonymously."

Professor Guy Stern
UTH Zurich
Professor Stern is a professor of Computer Science at UTH Zurich. He has been teaching units on anonymity in all of his undergraduate courses for many years.

Your qualifications:

How the audience will be involved:

We will frequently call on the audience to answer questions about how anonymity is currently taught at their schools and whether the ideas we suggest would be appropriate for various courses at their schools. We will also divide the audience into groups of 10 for about 30 minutes of brainstorming in the middle of the workshop.

Detailed description:

Most college students are used to filling out forms and providing their identity everywhere they go. They are often unaware that it is not only possible, but also easy, to be anonymous in many situations. We will discuss ways in which units on anonymity can be added to the curriculum in computer science, philosophy, political science, and other college courses. We will also discuss outlines of interdisciplinary courses on anonymity that colleges might offer. We will ask participants to tell us about how these ideas would likely work at each of their institutions.

We will also divide the participants into groups of 10 for a 30-minute brainstorming session about how anonymity units might be added to other courses. At the end of the brainstorming session, a representative of each group will report the most interesting ideas of their group to everyone.

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